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AAA Award BBB Business Review AAA Award has the lowest medal and award prices guaranteed! Custom Photo Panels Available. Click here! Credit Cards accepted.

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AAA Award is a leader in the sale of discount sports medals and wholesale award ribbons. In 1982 the business was founded under the name of Fisher Trophy, and as the business grew the volume of products continued to grow. In 2000, the company name was changed to AAA Award, and along with the steady increase in sales also come the opportunity for volume purchasing and custom products.

Because of the explosion in sales, the award medals and reels of ribbon were purchased by the pallet, and so with the newfound buying power came the birth of selling award medals and award ribbons at a discount. The discount of sports medals and award ribbons extended to all categories, and academic medals and academic award ribbons quickly grew in very large numbers, as well as sports award medals for all sporting events.

Because AAA Award bought at a discount, they also sell at a large discount on all in stock award medals and award ribbons. In 2002, custom award medals and custom ribbons were also added as an option, and with the growth in custom medals and custom ribbons also came a larger variety of medals and ribbons available to the customer. As the volume of the award ribbons and award medals continued to grow, the door was once again opened for volume purchasing and discount pricing on all sizes of the custom award medals and custom award ribbons.

By 2005, AAA Award had climbed the ladder and had become one of the largest purchaser of custom wholesale ribbons and award medals in North America. Pallet after pallet of award medals are delivered by semi tractor trailer, and this growth continues to date.

AAA Award continues to discount all medals, and a partial list of medals sold include 5K medals, baseball medals, basketball medals, bowling medals, cheerleading medals, chess medals, cross country medals, male gymnastic medals, dance medals, female gymnastic medals, football medals, golf medals, music medals, hockey medals, lacrosse medals, lamp of knowledge medals, martial arts medals, pinewood derby medals, racing medals, religion medals, soccer medals, softball medals, star medals, swim medals, tennis medals, track medals, victory medals, volleyball medals, wrestling medals and 1st, 2nd and 3rd award medals. AAA Award also offers custom medals which can be tailored to any event.

Customers may receive a discount for purchases of 100 and over, another discount at 250 and over, and another discount at 500 and over, another discount at 1,000 and over, and yet another discount on medals of 1,500 and greater. On certain award medals there is a special discount on quantities of 5,000 or greater. The discount is designed to reward the customer with bigger savings for their large purchases.

AAA Award also offers award ribbons at wholesale prices. AAA Award is a major supplier of both wholesale award ribbons as well as custom award ribbons. Ordering custom ribbons is a simple process with AAA Award, first the logo along with the desired wording can be e-mailed, and a setup will be returned to the customer the same day. AAA Award offers over 25 colors of ribbon and 15 different colors of print. Hot stamping is the method used for all award ribbon and custom ribbon orders.

In 2013 AAA Award added both embroidery and silkscreening to the product line, and custom rosette ribbons will be added in the summer of 2013 as well. AAA Award offers free shipping on all orders of $200.00 or more, and orders under $200.00 have a flat shipping rate of $9.95 per order. AAA Award offers store hours 5 days a week from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Central Time. Orders can be placed through our online shopping cart, or by contacting us toll free at 888-203-5430.

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